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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] Are The Wealthy More Likely to Use Drugs than the Poor? 3 2 1 Affluent kids can afford to buy fake IDs and can drive to places where they can pay someone to buy alcohol and drugs for them Federal studies show that those turning away from drugs are frequently educated and affluent. two major Federal studies on drug use in America show that in the last few years, better-educated young people have been reducing their use of cocaine and other drugs. Some experts believe that amongst poor America, amid hopelessness and lack of education, people will suffer the worst consequences of cocaine, heroin and AIDS. 2 There are permissive attitudes among parents. Some believe it is better to allow their children to drink and use drugs at home with friends than to go out and do it. 1 Many who are poor become surrounded by a lifestyle that often includes imprisonment, exposure to law enforcement, poor health outcomes and homelessness. They are surrounded by a world with drugs. 3 Differences in class do not cause a great difference in the amount of drug use that occurs. Factors that cause drug use, to feel better, to feel good, to do better, and because others are doing it, do not greatly vary amongst classes. This are issues that are very prevalent in society. A 2010 study showed that regular use by the unemployed was double that among those employed full time: 8.4% vs. 17%.4 The Wealthy double click to change this title text! The Unwealthy Parents are frequently abusers themselves and are not around on a daily basis to offer their children support. Kids are often forced to teach themselves right from wrong. 4 4 Why? In 2010, 9.6% of full-time employed people used illicit drugs only 2.6% of unemployed people. Works used: -poor-p/
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