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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Arborwood Norms for participating in a professional development session: Improving our communication skills is essential to improving teaching and learning. We can be better, more open minded listeners and learners. We will be working on our own learning/listening capacity.Everyone has something to learn and something to contribute. A M ore ogether chieve E Participate fully in conversations and activities, write reflections and provide feedback. Your voice matters! Your input is essential in shaping the work to serve your needs. Be willing to make your practice public. We are here to learn from our success as well as our challenges. Appreciate the strengths of others. Be willing to wonder and stay open to new possibilities. Question the obvious; the way we have always done things - to create a space forsomething new and more complex to emerge. Listen with an ear towards understanding and consider the contributions, ideas and questions of all participants. Be open and non-defensive when receiving feedback. We are learning - not competing. JUDGEMENT agles Be willing to slow down and reflect deeply about teaching and learning. See teaching and learning as the central focus of our study together. T Notice when you are blocking your own learning by either judging others, thinking "I already know/do this", trying to prove you are capable, attempting to hold on to an opinion or belief rather than reconsider it. Practice giving honest, frank, courageous comments.Ask genuine, provocative questions; as well as encouragement and advice. Everything we do is up for question. Be prepared to challenge each other as well as yourself in a non-defensive manner to dig deeper and think more rigorously about the content and the process of teaching. created 2014 Funk Free Area!
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