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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] Investment Research & Analytics Risk & Performance Marketing & Distribution Client Services Equity Research: Screening and idea generation, thematicresearch, ongoing coverage, custom models and valuation,accounting diagnostics, and ESG/SRI analysis. Fixed Income Research: Cash flow and credit metricsmodeling, capital structure, liquidity analysis, covenantmonitoring, and structured credit Quantitative Research: Mathematical and statisticalmodeling, portfolio optimization, macro-strategy, assetallocation, smart beta, and indexation Portfolio Analytics: Absolute and relative performance toa benchmark, movements in and out of portfolios, portfolioanalyzers, portfolio optimization, and risk targeting andmonitoring. Performance Attribution: Macro- and micro-attribution,allocation, timing and interaction, variation analysis, and risktolerance analysis. Risk: Linear and non-linear risk modeling, portfolio VaRcalculations, investment risk reporting, scenario analysis, andstress testing Marketing: Web content maintenance, digital marketing,mobile distribution, investment commentaries, productbrochures, marketing presentations, and peer andcompetitor intelligence. Distribution: RFP/RFI completion, proposal databases andautomation, DDQ and consultant database updates, pitchbooks, and slide library management Reporting: Client report generation and distribution, dataquality, regulatory reporting, factsheet automation, web andmobile dissemination, and interactive reports. Portfolio Analytics: Custom portfolio analytics, standardizedperformance attribution and analysis, and consolidatedreporting. Relationship Management: Client due diligence and newsmonitoring, custom commentaries, and pitch books
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