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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Arabian Peninsula Coastal Plains The climate in the mountains aremainly cool with about 20inches ofrain per year. Elevation begins at 1,000ft above sea level and can surpass 12,000ft.Which means that the mountains can provide natural land barriers from invaders becausethey wouldn't want to travel over rocky mountains but, it can also cause isolation from the rest of the world. The Mountains Many homes are made out of mud brick whichprovides warmth during the day and cool air during the night. To farm terraces can be used to make strips of land flat so that it can befarmed on. Livability: 3/5The temperature is cool so you wont get hot easily, and crops can be easily grown here because of the rainfall. You also have secure protection becausethe mountains canserve as a natural land barrier. Trade: 2.5/5They have enough crops to growbut, the mountains could isolatethe people that live in the mountainfrom everybody else in the outside world. The climate for coastal plains is humid year round with air being damp and moist.Also, it rains often in the coastal plains. Size can vary from 5 to 40 miles. Also, it runs along a coast.The coastal plains end atthe Rocky Cliffs. Dry riverbedsfill up with water during therainy season. Dams and irrigation systems can be built the crops watered during the harvestseason. Trade products can be sent outby seaports like Aden. Also, people wholive in the coastal plains collected fragrancefree soap to make frankincense and myrrh.Many people can fish in the water becausethere are many fish in the sea nearby. Livability: 4/5The climate that they have is not too harsh, they also have manyanimals in the sea nearby do you wouldn't have to go too far for food.It also rains often which means that they will most likely never have adrought. Trade: 3.5/5They have enough materials totrade.Coastal plains are very close towater which mean they can travelby ship to go places and trade.Also, they can travel on land to get totrading places.
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