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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 We have content and viable in Google search , next step is lead people to our core value - Create (3000 - 4000 "target" Friends ) Facebook Accounts- Using Facebook Accounts to increase like for Fanpage- Using Fanpage + Facebook Account as a place to show review and content and clip about English Tips Show viewer and member the way to using app WordFlash by " Content" OBJECTS start from scratch[clears the canvas] FacebookGoogle +TwitterZaloect.v.v. WordFlash Go Viral !!! Digital Campaign Plan Social Media Mobile Marketing Media SEO - SEM - ASO Community Phase I : Optimize Social Media - Join English Group Via facebook and Zalo community- Using "content" to show member way to get better in English- Open English Group- Creat Event - Increase Fanpage Like via freelancer and soft- Cooperate with other English FanPage admin to show our "Content" via their post at certain time. Community Forum , Blogger, Website Target : - Building own system including people having issues with English and English user - Make app Wordflash more viable in every channelBonus : With phase 1 , people would easy to figure out Wordflash with direction via content - Search and posting "Content" and clip in every high ranked English Forum manually or using Software - Using "Content" adding to high ranking Blog and Website about English - Attract them to the Facebook , fanpage , Site ,or to the AppStore directly Email Marketing Email Marketing Mobile Marketing - Use soft or freelancer to send Mass Email and SMS with "content" about English and Learning English Solution with Targeted Database- Attract them to the Facebook , fanpage , Site ,or to the AppStore directly Phase II : System Exploring Community Forum , Blogger, Website - Using Content with targeted keyword including review and Clip + picture about app - Cooperate with English filed blogger to show our content via their blog - Connect to other app designer . app user to write review about Wordflash- Make app Wordflash viable via their blog , forum and website as well SEO - SEM - ASO - Optimize keyword , heading , title , content , description , html over the website and content - Using google adword to make targeted keyword more viable via search engine Google- Get more review and rate via Social Media , Community , Email marketing and Media---> Make Wordflash App Visible Searching in AppStore Media - Create English Youtube channel with content about :+ English Tips , Solution about getting better in English+ Review App WordFlash via youtube + Posting Youtube comment attract people to the channel + Optimize youtube content + Attract people to fanpage , facebook or AppStore directly Target : - Optimize Content from any digital channel to support Phase 2 , make app Wordflash more viable in search engine - Attract more people to our system via google into our site , Fanpage and even appstore !!!
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