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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 apple juice grapefruit juice 87 calories Argumen t Fallacies of Logical Ethical Scare Tactics: claim that something bad will happen if you do not accept the argumentEither-or-Choices: to artificially limit complicated issues to only two possible courses of actionSlippery Slope: arguments assume that one thing will lead to another (cause and effect) Overly Sentimental Appeals: use of emotions to distract from facts Bandwagon Appeals: based on the belief that popularity = validity Emotional Fallacies- arguments that are flawed by their very nature and structure. False Authority: use of a biased, suspicious, or non-reliable source (often using yourself as a source of authority)Dogmatism: shutting down a discussion by claiming writers argument is the only valid oneAd Hominem: attacking the individual instead of the argumentStacking the Deck: only representing one side of the argument Hasty Generalization: draw conclusions from an isolated or exceptional caseFaulty Casualty: blame someone for something they have no control overBegging the Question: assume the thing to be true that you are trying to prove. Supporting premise with the premiseEquivocation: A statement that is partially true but purposefully hides the whole truthNon Sequitur: A conclusion that has no apparent connection to the reasonsStraw Man: restating a complex idea into a simpler versionRed Herring: introduce evidence that is unrelated or misleading to support a conclusionFaulty Analogies: a misleading comparison of two different things or two unrelated situations Examples: Scare Tactics- If you don't support this tax plan, you will be in povertyEither or choices: Do you still plagiarize all of your essaysSlippery slope: If you don't get an A on this test, you will not get into a good college and will not have a good career.Overly sentimental appeals: I would've done my work, but I was really sick. Bandwagon appeals: The majority of people like pop music. Therefore, pop music is goodFalse authority: Trust me, my best friend wouldn't do that.Dogmatism: Well I think that movie is the best so that's thatAd hominem: You are dumb, so your argument is invalid.Stacking the deck: Dogs are better than cats because they are friendlierHasty generalization: Joe and Bill didn't pass the test, therefore no one in the class passed the testFaulty casualty: Every time we invite Damon to the pool party, it rains, so next time we are not inviting DamonBegging the question: You can't give me a D, I never get lower than a BEquivocation: The sign said fine for parking here, and since it said it was fine, I parked there.Non sequitur: If my parents really love me they would've bought me that car.Strawman: My opponent thinks we should regulate handguns. However, unlike my opponent, I am a strong believer in our rights as US citizens. Red herring: this painting is worthless because I do not know the artistFaulty analogies: Letting students out of detention early as like telling them bad behavior is OK.
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