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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ThemeAnyone can be a warrior ThemeAnyone can be a warrior Clans: Thunder Clan, River Clan, Shadow Clan, Wino Clan, and Star Clan. Cats: Oakheart, Tigerclaw, Mousefur,Redtail, Bluestar, Spottedleaf, and Rusty. Starter: A battle last along with so many lives, Thunder Clan new they were not grate in numbers, as they new the next battle they fought could be their last. And with all of the little kits there was still not a grate number, and with no new little kits it was bad.Middle: A house cat (kitty pet) as Thunder Clan calls them! A kitty pet by the name of Rusty may just be the bravest of them all, willing to leave his home and fight along side with them in a battle that he could lose his life in! This little kitty pet (Rusty) shows how brave he is, and that he is the bravest of them all, and leaves his human owner to learn how to fight.End: Thunder Clan wins the battles and Rusty earns his new name, and becomes apart of Thunder Clan and one of the warriors, even though he was not born of warrior blood that was past down to him! He earns is right in the Clan and shows them all that anyone can be a warrior no madder your blood line, or where you was born or who you was borned from, anyone can be a Warrior! Staring, middle, and end. Staring, middle, and end. One of the most highest points in the book is when Rusty fights one of the warriors the first day and wins. The second highest point is when Thunder Clan takes vitory on River Clan and takes back their land Climax Plot When Rusty comes and fights for Thunder Clan,even know he is a kitty pet, he shows them all that even a house cat can be the strongest warrior! And shows them that even no hemight be small, and maybe a kitty pet,that if you sent your mind to it and keeptrying than anyone can be a warrior! Warriors into the wild
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