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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Do you speak English but lack confidence because of your pronunciation? Using advanced medical technology for speech therapy ENGLISH SPEECH INTELLIGIBILITY (ESI) gives feedback on your pronunciation immediately Focusing on your individual areas of difficulty gives you fast results How does it work? First, we measure how well you are understood by a native speaker The higher your ESI score, the more easily you are understood Many Vietnamese students face the common problem that although they have studied English for six or seven years, they can't pronounce an English sentence correctly, and they are not confident enough to communicate in the language Easy English Pronunciation and builds a plan of improvement just for you Fast & effective results The lower your ESI score, the more frustrating it is for you and the listener Your areas of weakness could include word stress, missing the final syllable or wrong sounds for vowels Second, our technology programme highlights specific problems with your pronunciation in English Next, we construct a syllabus that will help you improve yourpronunciation quickly Using our ESI software, we work with you so you see fast results Over ten sessions we chart your scores to show your progress and build your confidence "This software is like having a very patient, native English speaker listen to you talk and tell you how well they understood you. With only a few hours of use, your self-confidence with spoken English will be greatly increased, continued use will lead to amazing results. Call us today for your FREE Pronunciation Test 0937.884.400
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