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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Antisocial Personality Disorder By Carly O'Dell What is antisocial personality disorder? Characterized by a long-standing pattern of irresponsiblebehavior, it is a lack of conscience and a diminishedsense of responsibility to others. Symptoms -Disregard for right and wrong-Persistent lying or deceit-Manipulation for personal gain or sheer personal pleasure-Intense ego-centrism-Recurring problems with the law-Violation of others' rights by use of intimidation or dishonesty-Child abuse or neglect-Hostility, aggression, impulsiveness, or violence-Lack of empathy or remorse-Unnecessary risk-taking/dangerous behaviors-Poor or abusive relationships-Irresponsible work behavior-Failure to learn from negative consequences *Antisocial personality disorder can be caused by heredity or environment, or a combination of both! Tests Physical exam, lab tests, and psychological evaluation Treatments Psychotherapy:-Cognitive behavioral therapy-Psychodynamic therapy Drugs:-Antidepressants-Mood stabilizers-Antianxiety medications-Antipsychotic medications *No medications have been specifically approved to treat thisdisorder More -About 1.0% of the population has this disorder-About 46.1% of those diagnosed are being treated-Complications of this disorder include alcoholism and drug abuse Sources: AP* Edition
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