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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How Will We Live in the ANTHROPOCENE? definition- the time period during which humans have a significant impact on the environment of Earth. What are we going to do? Sustainabilty ~gain energy from green sources~reduce carbon emissions~become carbon neutral ~create green areas covering large spaces~improve transportation ~get hydroelectric dams How did we get here? Stage 1:Hunter and Gatherer~People lived in harmony with the Earth Stage 2:Agricultural~Population Increase~Deforestation ~Increased water usage Stage 3:Industrial~Population Increase~Air pollution from burning fuels~Deforestation~Increased water usage~Large number of people living in cities Stage 4:Post-Industrial ~Population Increase ~Air pollution from burning fuels ~Deforestation~Increased water usage ~Loss of biodiversity ~Large number of people living in cities Where are we? Freshwater:~Water drank today has been in 100 or more forms ~by 2025 1.8 billion will be plaged by water scarcity Biodiversity:~the world has lost 52% of its biodiversity since 1970 ~we would need 1.5 Earths of biocapacity to meet our current demands Deforestation:~46-58 thousand square miles of forest are lost each year~15% of all greenhouse gas emissions cause deforestation Transportation:~transportation currently accountsfor 23% of world greenhouse gas emissions~In the US there are 1.3 people for each car. In china it is 6.7 people per car.
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