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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 March 4,2005 Feb. 24, 2005 Feb. 24, 2005 Feb. 26, 2005 March 2, 2005 March 3, 2005 Feb. 22, 2005 Identified Kevin Amos, Anthony Allen, and "Man-Man" as shooters. Mr. Weaver informs him that son Johnathan said he was mistaken when identifying "Man-Man" as a shooter. Det. Henderson interviews Weavers Stated he called Stanley Weaver to inform him about a group that was following him and his friends. Det. Henderson interviews John Croomes Det. Henderson interviews Johnathan and Donnell Johnathan recants and denies seeing "Man-Man" at the shooting. Donnell maintains "Man-Man" was present. Det. Henderson interviews Kevin Amos Jessica Shannon & Connie Francis stated they did not see the shooter's faces. Det. Henderson interview witnesses Stated that he was with Allen and Amos the night of the shooting. During questioning states that he knew Allen shot someone. Det. Henderson interviews JJ Dickerson Schwapp denies seeing any guns the night of the shooting. Mrs. Weaver identifies Amos and Allen Amos' story changes multiple times.Claimed he was at JJ Dickerson's house when the shooting occured. Det. Fowler interviews Weavers Interviews for Anthony Allen Case Feb. 22, 2005-March 15, 2005 Det. Henderson interviews Dylan Jack The victim's brother identified Allen, Amos, and "Man-Man" as being present the night of the shooting. Also stated that Andrew Schwapp informed him that Amos and Allen had shown him two guns the night of the shooting. Picks Amos out of photo array. Unable to ID anyone else. March 7, 2005 March 14, 2005 March 15, 2005 March 14, 2005 March 18, 2005 Samantha VanRiel identifies Amos Det. Henderson interviews Andrew Scwapp When shown a photo array, DonnaWeaver identifies both Amos and Allen as the shooters. Can't ID third party. March 17, 2005 Stanley Weaver identifies Anthony Allen Despite denying being able to IDanyone on the night of the shooting.
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