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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 GOAL: to secure freedom from racial constrictions and slavery GOAL: to secure freedom from racial constrictions and slavery Violent Slave RevoltsThese focused on earning freedom with forcenotable leaders of such revolts were: Denmark VeseyNat TurnerDavid WalkerGabriel Prosser Special groups Special groups Also: American Also: American AntiSlavery Society Anti-Slavery Society Though founded by a white man, the AASS had key black leaders and many black memberswho assisted in its pushfor equality Notable Figures Black Abolitionists of Antebellum Times Black Abolitionists of Antebellum Times Harriet Tubman -Ran away without assistance -Astonishingly returned south to get her family and later other slaves to freedom via the Frederick Douglass -Intelligent, passionate voice for the abolitionist underground railroad movement -Knew that knowledge was the key to freedom attempt -Escaped slavery on his second for them and for their black brethren in bondage for them and for their black brethren in bondage Henry Highland Garnet -Educated, oratory clergyman ideals to radical -Moved from political violent overthrow andrebellion Did they achieve their goal? While emancipation of slaves post Civil War was a product of abolitionist's leveraging, racial prejudice and hate was never fully eliminated from American culture The black abolitionists of the antebellum era set forward the callfor civil rights activists for not just slaves/blacks but women as well. Major impact and lasting contribution The emancipation of the slaves, as pushed byabolitionists, is by far their greatesttriumph and it has played a hugerole in Americaever since their victory Methods Escaped and free blacks often became vocal in the cry for abolition. Gatherings, speeches,and newspapers such as THE LIBERATOR werevessels of their cry for freedom. The underground railroad Escaping slaves utilized asecret network of safehouses,transfer paths, and other routesto the north and safety managedby aboltionists, both white and black
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