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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WHERE IS THE WASTE? A Profile of Antarctica x 2 Antarctica is 14.245 million sqkm, making it twice the size of Australia (Antarctica,2008) x 575 The ice is up to 4000m thick-the equivalent of 2300 people standing on each others shoulders. (Antarctica, 2008) Hottest ever temperature in Antarctica- 14.6 CAverage Winter Temperature- -57C -50C What Happens to Human Pollution? Antarctica.One of the world's last untouched landscapes.However, last year alone 1.5 million people visited the continent,for scientific, diplomatic or sight-seeing reasons.1.5 million is a lot of people, and this raises a big question that isoften overlooked- Where does the waste from all these people go? Antarctica is one of the cleanest places on earth but until recently waste management in Antarctica consisted of tips, landfill and burning, or simply dumping it into the sea. How it use to be: Sewage was dumped, untreated, into the surrounding ocean Many countries senttheir own waste to bedisposed of in Antarctica There is a catch. Only 34 out of 81 stationshave sewage treatment plants. How it is now: The rest are dumping theirsewage into the sea. (Darby,2009) There are 10 million cubic metres of contaminated waste in AntarcticaThat is equivalent to 20 million macaroni penguins. (Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, 2011) 2 What if? What is the imapact of Human Waste on the surrounding environment? Antarctic station have made an obvious but localized impact on the environment. They are often located around fragile ecosystems. (Darby, 2009) The clock is ticking as Antarctica becomes even more under threat.If a few bits of litter can cause all this damage, imagine what a mine, a huge hotel or even a sprawling metropolis could do.Antarctica is a beautiful, pristine wilderness, hardly touched by human hands-and we need to protect it into the future.You can help by supporting the ongoing protection of Antarctica. The Pesticide DDT has been found in Antarctic penguins in increasing levels, even though DDTwas banned in 1970.(Reuters, 2008) Oil spills kill approximately 40000 penguins each year, especially in the Southern Ocean, where Antarctic penguins hunt for food. Hottest ever temperature- 14.6CAverage winter temperature- -57C (Antarctica, 2008) 0C Since the Madrid Protocol of 1991, waste management principles have been enforced. Most AntarcticStations send their waste backto their own country.(Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Populationand Communities, 2012)
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