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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 " HIGHLIGHTS 1833 Anson Jones 1798-1858 His famous last words while he was out having dinner with a friend were, "My public career began in this house, and I have been thinking it might close here." before he shot himself on January 9, 1858 - was born into a poor family of 12 and was the 13th out of 14 children- raised by Solomon and Sarah Jones- worked in a office in Bainbridge, New York, as a doctor, but his plans in practicing medical practice fell through- was in debut for a long while becasue of medical school and was later thrown in jail- was not well respected by other congressmen- was the Second Texas Congress- was the last president of the Republic of Texas-fell into depression and eventually committed suicide " - Anson Jones TIMELINE November 1- arrived in Brazoria and settled with a small settlementof around 50 families 1846 1835 1838 1844 1845 1835 Jones first political act is made by signing petition calling for the Consulation Enlisted as a private in the Texas infantry and worked as doctor Appointed Texas Minister to the United States Becomes president of Texas Mexican Treaty was passed and Texas gains permanent independence from Mexico, but congress is mad of how long it took so they pass annexation instead February 19- As his final final duty as president he addresses everyone that the Republic of Texas is no more 1857 Runs for United State's Senate but recieves no votes and eventually falls in depression January 9- Commits suicide at the Old Capitol Hotel because of depression 1858
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