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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Cause ofAnorexia is... Anorexia nervosaBy: Walker Smith 1.) Being more worried about your weight and size.2.) Having a bad image or weight image of yourself.3.) Being teased or bullied aboutyour weight.4.) Having eating disorders as a child or infant.5.) Having certain social or culturalrules for weight and/or size. Health Issues With Anorexia... 1.) Dry hair/skin2.) Growth of a layer of hair called lanugo that tries to keep the bodywarm. 3.) Muscle loss and weakness4.) Fainting, fatigue and overall weakness.5.) Lung failure due to very high dehydration. 6.) Bone density reduction called osteoporosiswhich result in dry and brittle bones. 7.) very slow heart rate and low blood pressure. There is also risk for heart failure as blood and heart rate get lower and lower. 1.) Exercise with a positive attitude.2.) Avoid making bad eatingdecisions like under or over eating.3.) Encourage other people, not put them down with weight orsize comments. 4.) Don't punish kids or anyone with food.5.) Be a good role model for other people. 5.) Approach food with a goodand positive attitude. Treatment and strategiesto avoid Anorexia Only 5,000 people out ofone million Americans haveAnorexia. Statisics Statistics for Australia... 0.3% of men in Australia have anorexia.1.7% or women in Australia haveanorexia.2.0 total people in Australia have anorexia 50% of girls believe they are overweight. 80% of girls 13-18 have dieted to get skinny. 40% of 7-9 year olds diet. Teens statistics Adult statistics 0.5%-3.7% of women suffer from anorexia over their lifetime. 20% of people who have anorexia will die due to suicide or heart failure.Anorexic adults try to keep their calories around 500 per day. Credits/cites
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