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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Asian Elephant is extremely sociable.Also they live in forest.Their are only 20,000-25,000 left in the world! 20,000-25,000 are are left in the world One reason they are becoming extinct is that their are not enough for them to repopulate. Animals Have Feelings Too Saola or Asian Unicorn Asian Elephant They have a unknown population.But a few are captive so the population is unknown.They live in very secretive and secluded habitat. I LIVE IN THESE PLACES Their are a few 320,000 left in the world. They live in forest swamps, etc. Vaquita is killed with gillnets by illegal fishing operations.They are the rarest sea marine mammal. Half of the population was lost the last 3 years.They live in the northern Gulf of California. 4,848 Left in the world Killed for food and fun. Live in Tropical and Subtropics forest How we can help We should donate to preserve wild reserves Enforce the laws so fewer endangered animals are killed How we can help? We could as a community build a zoo for endangered animals We can also make NO traps for endangered animals Any of several events in the earths past in which large numbers of species became extinct TIGER Vaquita Black Rhino References Stop cutting down forest I have 2-3 cubs in a litter Created By:Richard Yi Because very little is known about the Saola,scientist are concerned that they are endangered. Hunters hunt for their pelt and set traps for them FOR FUN FOR FOOD
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