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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Did you know Animals Are Entertainers? Needless to say, during rodeos many animals are seriously injured and some are even killed but they entertain many people with there wildness. "The dogs who are fast enough to race spend most of their time either tethered or confined. They are physically pushed to the limit to the point where they sometimes - in the case of the Iditarod - die mid-race " "Hollywood has a long history of casting animals in movie and television roles. When the practice first began, little concern was given to the welfare of the animal actors. However, when a horse was killed after being ridden over a cliff during the filming of the movie Jesse James in 1939, there was great public outcry." Both the bears and the dogs sustain horrific injuries and sometimes die during bear baiting. While they're not in the baiting pit, the animals are locked up and cat get out and also suffer terrible physical abuse at the hands of the humans who keep them locked up. double click to change this header text! "Cows, bulls and horses have a strap cinched extremely tightly around their abdomen which causes them to buck wildly to try to escape the terrible pain. They are also shockedwith electric prods and kicked with razor-sharp spurs in order to rile them up. This is all done so that the person riding them can seem brave and tough." Bears also learn to supposedly 'dance' by being forced to stand on a hot plate. They then will lift their feet to try to avoid the excruciating pain and that becomes the so-called 'dance' they do this dance yo entertain the public. Horses pull very heavy carriages on concrete streets, while walking with traffic and breathing in exhaust fumes. They are forced to work for many long hours in all types of weather and,every year, horses are involved in accidents - many of which are deadly. They pull these carriages to entertain people and show them the two usually. "Most fans view rodeo as wholesome family entertainment, but animal rights activists criticize many rodeo events. Critics claim that rodeo animals are subjected to cruel treatment during events such as bronco and bull riding as well as steer wrestling and calf roping." The horseracing industry breeds as many horses as possible to try to produce as many fast, fit,and reliable horses as possible. People even bet on which horse will win. "During the event called the running of the bulls, the bulls are Forced to run through noisy, crowded streets where people taunt, terrorise and hit them. And, of course, it all ends with the bloodied body of a tortured bull in a bullfighting stadium."
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