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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The nucleus is an importantorganelle within a cell, it containsand protects the cells DNA. The nucleus is surrounded by the nuclear envelope which has nuclear pores which regulate what comes in and out of the nucleus. The nucleus also containsthe nucleolus, which is also a very important organelle. The nucleolus is located within the nucleus. It's job is to produce ribosomes. The rough endoplasmic reticulum is where the ribosomes go after theyare released from thenuclues. When the ribosomes arrive the protein within them is taken out to be used.The protein is then movedto the smooth endoplasmicreticulum. Ribosomes synthesize proteins in the cell. The protein that theribosomes make is used throughout the cell. The smooth endoplasmic reticuclum is responsible for producing lipidsfor the plasma membrane. The smooth endoplasmic reticulumalso alters the proteins that it receives and transports it to thegolgi apparatus. The golgi apparatus packagesproteins and lipids. It also produces vesicles and lysosomes. Vesicles have many differentjobs because they have a phosphobilipid bilayer. They can transport proteins, digestwaste and organize other substances. Lysosomes are the clean upcrews in the cell. The digestlarge foreign objects thatenter the cell, dying organelles,bacteria and other waste. Peroxisomes are similarto lysosomes in that theycontain enzymes and breakthings down. Lysosomesbreak down fatty acidsand hydrogen peroxide. DNA is found within the nucleusand contains the genetic codes for allcells. Without DNA no life would exist.DNA is shaped like a double helix. Vacuoles store waste and also contains digestive enzymes.Some vacuoles are used to digest food. The mitochondria makes mostof the cells ATP, it is the power house of the cell. It alsocontrols the cells growth and signals when the cell is goingto die. The centrioles are found in apart of the cytoplams calledthe centrosome. The centrioleshelp in cell division, when the cell begins mitosis thecentrioles send out mitoticthreads to split the chromosomes. The cytoplasm is a jelly likesubstance that provides amedium of suspension for theorganelles. The cytosol refers specifically the part of the cytoplams that contains the organelles. The cytoskeleton is a networkof long, thing fibers that helpgive the cell it's shape. It also helps the cell move. The plasma membrane is whatprotects the cell and keepseverything in the cell. It's made ofa phospholipid bilayer that controls what enters and exits thecell. Without the plamsa membranethe cell wouln't be able to maintain homeostasis. Animal cellBy Anna Limric
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