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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Anger Management By: Tahlieah Kelly, Hector Sanchez, and Kionna Tyson Anger Management Story Do something to relax Take a time out Channel your energy in a diffrent direction Steps to Improve Anger Managment Anger happens as a reaction to being hurt emotionally or physically harmed. Go get exercises Handle it in constructive ways such as exercise or something that is a positive way to take away your anger. You can also take deep breathers, slowly repeat calming words, or remove your self from the situation. How Can you deal with anger? What are steps to improve anger management? The story we read was about someone who had major anger problems as a child. They would express their anger by kicking holes in walls, windows and zone out for periods of time. Then this person decided to write a journal. They carried that journal everywhere and every time they got that explosive feeling, they would draw, write, or scribble. The journal kept them sane, This person also used other ,methods like hitting pillows and squeezing ice. Eventually they let go of the journal and could get by with leaving it at home. Them they totally let go. The journal helped this person and they no longer needed something to help them cope with anger. (this was an anonymous story on What Causes Anger? double click to change this title text!
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