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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 breakfast 3. 4. 2. The last step of Interphase is"G2". This stepProduces all the protein and prepares for mitosis. As the cell prepares for the next step, the cell grows bigger and the DNA is copied. Anaphase:In Anaphase, the spindle fiberspull the chromosomes apart. Additionally, the cell becomesan oval shape. Metaphase:In this phase, the chromosomesline up in the middle attached totwo spindle fibers. Telophase:In this phase, the nucleus formsand the chromosomes start touncoil. The cell may then divide. Interphase is the preparation of the whole cell-dividing process.During this stage, the cell spends most of its time preparing. Also, the chromosomes in the cells duplicate for cell division. Interphase is divided into 3 steps."G1" is when the cell doubles its size. G1 S G2 The second stepof Interphase is"S", synthesisof DNA. DNA is copied Mitosis: After interphase,the cell begins the processof separatng chromosomesinto two identical sets ofnuclei. Mitosis only makes identical nuclei to the original nuclei, and is organized in 4 steps. 1. Prophase:During this phase,the nuclear mem-brane and nucleolusdisintegrate. The Cell Cycle Cytokinesis: This stage is the division of the entire cell. Nuclei, cytoplasm, organelles, and cell membrane. This stage is the last of the cell cycle, when there are two daughter cells. Both daughter cells are genetically identical to the original cell.
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