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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Animal Cell Plant Cell Cell Wall:-an extracellular structure in a plant cell-found in: -Prokaryotes -Fungi -Some protists-protects the cell-maintains the cell's shape-prevents excessive uptake of water-thicker than the plasma membranes-chemical composition varies between cells and species-basic design is consistent-usually perforated by channels between adjacent cells called plasmodesmata -Primary Cell Wall -secreted in young plant cells -relatively thin and flexible-Middle Lamella -a thin layer rich in pectins -pectins are sticky polysaccharides -glues adjacent cells together-Secondary Cell Wall -between the plasma membrane and the primary wall -deposited in severa laminated layers -has a durable matrix that afford cell protection & supportPlasmodesmata-membrane-lined channels filled with cytoplasm-helps unify the plant into one living continuum Extracellular Matrix (ECM)-the meshwork surrounding the animal cells-consists of: -glycoproteins -polysaccharides -proteoglycans-Collagen: -most abundant glycoprotein in EMC -forms strong fibers outside the cells -accounts for 40% of the total protein-Proteoglycans: -small core protein w/ carbohydrate chains attached -may consist of up to 95% carbohydrate-Fibronectin: -attached to the ECM by other ECM glycoproteins -bind to cell-surface receptors proteins called integrins-Integrins: -built into the plasma membrane -span the the membrane -bind on their cytoplasmic side -transmit signals between the ECM and the cytoplasm -integrate changes occurring outside and indie the cell Cell Junctions-especially common in epithelial tissue-Tight Junctions: -prevent leakage of extracellular fluid across a layer epithelial cells-Desmosomes: -fastens cells together into strong sheets -attach muscle cells to each other in a muscle -Gap Junctions: -provide cytoplasmic channels from one cell to an adjacent cell -consist of membrane proteins -necessary for communication between cells in many types of tissues Plant and Animal Cells
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