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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 In 2010, we saw the highest rate of unemployment since the 1982 economic crisis. Before that, the Depression was the only other time unemployment has dipped this low. double click to change this title text! Unemployment in America Honor Pledge:Our group did notcopy from someoneelse. On January 27, 2015 it wasrecorded that unemployment rates fell in 42 states last month, this is latest sign that there is strong hiring is increasing job opportunities nationwide. Job gains remained healthy in states with large oil and gas industries, suggesting that plunging oil prices have yet to cause significant layoffs. Reasons for Unemployment 0.1%, or 1,411,000 unemployed people, are new entrants. 3,644,000 are re-entrants into the job market. The current unemployment rate in the United States is 7.6%, meaning an estimated 11.8 million people are without full-time jobs. 7.5%, or 973,000, left their jobs on their own. Duration of Unemployment CRAZY FACTS About 18% of the workforce in the United States is employed part-time. Underemployment has resulted in many people taking more than one job. Most of the 4.7% of employed people with multiple jobs have one full-time and one part-time job. Of the 6,649,000 multiple jobholders in the US, and 3,599,000 of them work this way. The industry with the greatest over-the-month growth was Education and Health Services, with 32.7 hours worked weekly on average and $772.37 earned each week. College educated candidates with bachelors degree or higher have the highest employement, with 44,648,000 working full time. This group also has the lowest rate of unemployment, at 4.6%. Information From:The truth behind America's unemployment Follow us: @creditloan on Twitter | creditloan on Facebook Foreign-born women ages 16 and older suffer the highest rate of unemployment, at 9.6%, while foreign-born men ages 16 and older have the lowest rate of unemployment at 7.8%. This is lower than any category of native-born men and women. For many people 43.1% or so, have been unemployed for 27 weeks or more.24.1% have been unemployed between 5 and 14 weeks, while 18.8% spent about a month or less unemployed.14% endured joblessness for between 15 and 26 weeks. Unemployment by Gender
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