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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 INTERNEThistory and development Remote connections-time sharing -the "remote connection" had to be installed so the developers could work directly with the coumputers-the idea of time sharing was the first concept of sharing the processing power of one computer with the usersboth of them were the ideas that started the change of the way internet used to work 1957 Cold war -In the 4r of october, the first unmanned satelite was sent into the space by the soviet union, a fear of a possible missile gap, which lead to the creation of the DARPA by U.S.-"the internet got its start in the us as a goverment weapon in the cold war" 1958 DARPA, ARPANET -DARPA was created by the U.S. as a protection of america´s lead in technology, later on the DARPA planned a large-scale pc networkin order to accelerate knowledgeand avoid mutations of the info. -The network was called ARPANET, which became one of the fundamental concepts for the creation of the internet 1962 -2000s Four fundamental concepts -The following concepts were developed in the las 20 years, all of them are fundamental for the history of the internet because they founded the concept that now we know as internet:-The concept of military network byRAND corporation in america-The commercial network by the physical laboratory in ingland -The cientific network "cyclades" in france -The large-scale network"ARPANET"(1966) TCP and packet switching -The IMPtook control over thenetwork activities while acting as interface for the mainframe, later the TCP was created for the interconnected computers in order to verificate the data sended because the previous NCP didn´t do that -In the NPL, a lor of file transfers would be done so the packet switching was created in order to avoid the congestions of the line, its work was to divide the data in parts so the reciever could get the data in a faster way Network architecture -At that time information systems had centralized architecture, the fear of an atomic conflict made the descentralized architecture appear, this wascreated in order to still have a functional system if one of the paths got damage -the waves of informations that was useddissapeared, leading to the creation of a system with the minimun of interferences Remote connection-time sharing IP Protocol -This was "a standar which guarannteed compatibility between networks"-this was created afet the tcp assimilated the references of the OSI model creating the internet .
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