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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ancient Believe Systems Buddhism This religion has no god, and it believes in the unattachment of things, if you follow the middle path thenyou are not attached to anything there for you cannot suffer. It started in 600 BCE and is now in effect. Judaism They were monotheistic, God was the creator of everything, he was kind, merciful, and loving of perople, even though slow to anger, he was fierce with his punishments, he would flood the land and rain fire upon city's. This religion is the father of some others, there for it has lasted for four thousand years Zoroastrianism Amahurazda (the Creator) They are a variation of Judaism, this means that they share the same god, the big difference is that they belive that the savior or mesias has arrived alredy, and it was Jesus Christ.This is a very long lasting religion we have it even today Christianity Jesus Christ They had three imortant godsbut they were all extentions of the ultimate reality or "Brahman".They had a unique system which divided people into castes they were divided into high classes and low classes in which the lowest one couldn't be touched and the highest one had all sort of privileges. It has lasted since 1500 BCE until now. Confucianism Confucious Daoism Daoism was based on the ruler being the link with heaven and earth, and they thought that through the action man would ruin the universe order, it started approximately in the sixth century This religion is politheistic, they have two gods Amahuramazda the creator, Ahriman the Liar, they were opposing forces in the universe, it encouraged people to disobey authority. This religion didn't last that much it disappeared in 1000 B:C:E Confucianism wasn't a religion, it was an idealism, or a political and ethical philosophy. This idealism didn't last a lot but confucious are worldwide famous until now. Vishnu (The Preserver) Brahma (The creator) Shiva (The Destroyer) Hinduism
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