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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Architecture andEngineering Pyramids were built by the ancientEgyptians and have become the symbolfor ancient Egyptian society. The shapeof a pyramid has been used for the LouvreMuseum and the Pyramid Arena. The obelisk is most commonlyknown because of the WashingtonMonument but actually originatedin ancient Egypt to worship theirgods. Temples have been designed inthousands of different ways and dooutdate the ancient Egyptians butthey were the first to make elaborateentrances. They had statues thatstood incredibly high that depictedhuman-like gods. In order to build the massive structures thatthe ancient Egyptian created they needed a wayfor their builders to reach. This introduced thescaffold which is still used to this day. Writing andLiterature The ancient Egyptians were one of the firstto make lettering, after they passed theirwriting developed from culture to culture andworked its way into what it is now. They were the first to create scrolls out ofpapyrus and tablets out of granite to writedocuments and books. Medicine andScience A lot of the ancient Egyptianscience went towardsmummification, a process whichslowed down the decaying process. Astronomy and mathematics were firststudied by the ancient Egyptians.The were also the first to use herbs formedication, calenders, and the wheel. Painting andSculpturing Ancient EgyptianContributions toWorld History Much like today, the ancient Egyptians paintedpictures of every day life including animalsand buildings. They were mostly found in templesfor religious purposes and depicted gods or pharaohs.
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