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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ancient Egyptian Religion How many gods did the ancient Egyptians believe in? The ancient Egyptians believed in hundreds of gods. Here are some examples: What were the priests role in society? Ancient Egyptian Religion Mythology How many gods did the Ancient Egyptians believe in?In total the ancient Egyptians believed in hundreds of different gods. Examples: Who was the god Anubis and if he wasn't a god what did he do?Anubis was a god, he was the god of the city of the dead and embalming. He interrogated souls for passage to the afterlife and he also helped revive Osiris. Who was the ancient Egyptians sun god and why did they worship him?Ra was the Egyptians sun god. He was the father of all gods and was considered to be the creator of all things. People believed he created the world and everything on it. Who was the god of the afterlife?The god of the afterlife was Osiris. He was once living but was killed by his brother Set. He was revived as the god of the underworld. He led honest souls to the afterlife. He also contributed in the decision to send a soul to the afterlife. How did the ancient Egyptians get to the afterlife?After people died they were brought before Anubis and Osiris to be interrogated. Then that persons heart was weighed against the feather of truth. If the souls heart was honest the were granted passage to the afterlife by Osiris. If they were not, the soul and its heart were devoured my the Devourer of the Dead.
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