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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ancient Egyptian Scribes After reading my other pictograph, you may be wondering who wrote hieroglyphics and how. This pictograph will tell you. Ancient Egyptians who could read and write were known as scribes. Only around 1% of Egyptians were scribes, and because of this, being a scribe was a very important role. Scribes were so high up in Egyptian rankings that they didn't haven't to pay taxes or do any labor! Fun Facts! Imhotep, an architect of the Pyramid at Saqqara, was also a vizier, doctor, priest, poet and scribe. The Egyptians wrote hieroglyphics on expensive papyrus, which was basically paper made out of the papyrus plant. First, the plant was grown and harvested, then cut into strips. The Steps From Reed To Paper Next, the papyrus was pounded with a hammer and squished under weighs, to dry them out. Nowadays, people use rolling pins for this.Finally, the papyrus wassmoothed with rocks. What Rank Where They? Scribes were the 4th highest rank. Scribes wrote on papyrus with red and black ink, using brushes and wooden sticks. Training! Scribes started their training at as soon as 4-6 years old, and were in school until they were 16. Scribe school was infamous for being rough. Teachers would beat students with a rod! The schoolwork was hard, too-scribes had to memorize all of the hieroglyphics, which they did by coping literature onto limestone, which was cheaperthan papyrus. Most scribes learned to write just the simpler forms of hierog-lyphics, and could only readtemple hieroglyphics, notwrite them. Scribes also learned math, spelling, grammar, geography,geometry and foreign languages. Scribes could have foreman, secretary, doctor, record-keeper or priest for a job. Also, Pharaohs and their family could usually read and write. Benefits Scribes' names, like Hardjedef, Khety and Neferti, were never forgotten, because they wrote their names on their books. Hieroglyphics were thought to be magical and were used in religious ceremonies. Animal hieroglyphics in tombs were misdrawn so they would not steal the mummy's food.
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