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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics Hieroglyphics-the Ancient Egyptian's Writing The Ancient Egyptian's unique writing system, called Hieroglyphics, which means sacred carvings in Greek, were based off of picturesa drawing of a owl represented the sound M, and a drawing of a lion represented the sound L. There were twenty-four of these phonograms (pictures-standing-for-letters), but there were over 2,000 hieroglyphics in the Egyptian alphabet. Also, the Egyptians had no punctuation and few vowels. Hieroglyphics were written in invisible rectangles, which were read from top to bottom and either right to left, or left to right, because hieroglyphics began in the direction the animal hieroglyphics faced, and was therefore read in the opposite direction that the animals faced. The Egyptians wrote stories, recorded information, didmath, and did prayers/religiousactivities with their writing. (Left) The RosettaStone, foundin 1799 by someof Napoleon's army,said the same text in three languages;Hieroglyphics, Greek and demotic. It was used to decode hieroglyphics byMr. Champollion in 1822(Left) Evolution Of Hieroglyphi cs First use in Ancient Egypt-Around 3,000 B.C.EJust ideograms (drawings of something meant that something) Hieratic and Demotic (Simpler writing) Ideograms, phonograms, and determinatives (determinatives clarify what other hieroglyphics mean) Egypt is conquered by the Greeks and the Greek writing Coptic replaces hieroglyphics. The last use of hieroglyphics is 450 C.E
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