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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ancient Civilizations Mayans Aztecs double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Time Zone: Around 1100s AD - 1500s Time Zone: Around 1200s AD - 1500s Time Zone: Around 300s BC - 900s AD Decline: Cities abandoned, maybe overpopulation, frequent warfare,Then the Spanish arrived in 1500s, and many Mayas survived. There are many descendants today. Belize Honduras Guatemala Incas Location: Goverment: Ruler for each city-state Arts and Literature: AstronomyHieroglyphics Religion: Polytheisticceremonies to appease the gods Social Organization:Ruler - malenobles ( supporting rulers)military leaders (tax and law)artisans (highly respected) Environmental Interaction: pyramids for human sacrifces Decline: The Aztecs were effected with the Spaniard's diseases, their war tactics and weapons. Decline: Spaniards enter the Incan trail, and end up at Machu Picchu, and there they ambush the Incans and later Fransico Pizarro executes their emperor, Atahuallpa. Arts: Pottery Environmental Interaction: Chinampas, island gardens Social Organizations: EmperorNoblesPreistsMiliatary LeadersSerfs/Slaves Location: Literature:Hieroglyphics Government: One Emperer rules over all. Religion: Inti, the sun God Location: Parts of Chile, Ecuador, and Peru Environmental Interaction: Terraces on the mountainside. Polytheistic Government: Emperor Social Organizations:EmperorNoblesPriestsMilitary LeadersRunnersFarmers Arts and Literature:Textiles made by the Incas Height: 1400s AD Height: 1400s AD Height: 250 AD RISE FALL
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