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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ORIGIN OF COSMOS ANAXIMENES 1. Do you believe that Anaximenes's theory can relate to the Big Bang Theory, everything is formed from "stuff"? THEORY MILESIAN SCHOOL HOW IT AFFECTED TIME NOW BACKGROUND INFORMATION There is not much known about the life of Anaximenes; other than he flourished in the mid 6th century BCE and died in 528. He was also known as the third philosopher of the Milesian school of philosophy. The first two being Thales and Anaximander. The school was named this due to the fact all three of them lived in the City of Miletus, Ionia or modern western Turkey. Anaximenes is known to be a younger friend or student of Anaximander. Like others in his school of thought he had studied the idea of material monism. Which asks the question, what is the world made of? The Milesian school was a school of thought that was created in the 6th century BCE. There were three philosophers that came up with ideas for the Milesian school, they were from the Ionian town of Miletus, and on the Aegean Coast of Anatolia: Thales, Anaximander, and Anaximenes. They shared new opinions opposite to the viewpoint on how the world was organized, natural phenomena were explained exclusively by the thoughts of anthropomorphized Gods. They are sometimes described as philosophers of nature, and they show a side of nature in terms of methodologically observable entities, and the first attempt to be truly scientific in philosophy. 2. What similarites or connections does Anaximenes imply exist between humans and divinites? According to his theory the air formed the Earth. It began as a flat disk. From the evaporations from the Earth, fiery bodies arose which came to heavenly bodies. The Earth floats on a cushion of air. The heavenly bodies, or at least the sun and the moon, seem also to be flat bodies that float on streams of air. His astronomy was relatively unsophisticated, but he is remembered for the doctrine that one primary substance, aer, produces all others either by being rarefied into fire or condensed into wind, cloud, water, earth, and stone. This is the first physical account in the western tradition of different substances as modifications of one primary stuff. The phenomenon that impressed Anaximenes was that breath can blow warm (when its rarefied, i.e. the mouth is open) or cold (when it is compressed, or hissed out). Although Anaximenes did not have a direct effect on our society like Socrates. (Lawares use the socratic method) He did however by providing cosmological accounts with a theory of change, Anaximenes separated them from the realm of mere speculation and made them, at least in conception, scientific theories capable of testing. This step forward was influential in many philosophers such as; Heraclitus, and Parmenides.
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