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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Motivation of Religion vs. Economics Economic Reasons . Religious Reasons 59 - Some explorers explored the world in the name of God - The European explores wanted to expand Christianity - Portugal seeked new people from Africa to convert them to Christianity - Spain sent Friars to the Americas to convert the Indians to Christianity- Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal hoped to expand into Africa to join forces and crusade against Islam - Catholic Priests and Friars accompanied the earliest Spanish explorers- Spain established missions to teach the Indians new skills like reading and communication.- The Jesuits (The Society of Jesus) built the most successful schools, making theSpanish rulers so jealous that they expelled the Jesuits from the Americas During the Age of Discovery . Late in the 1400's, European explores began making huge Voyages that later changed the views of people on the rest of the world. The European adventurers went on these voyages due to economic and religious reasons. - The population of Western Europe increased quickly from 1450 - 1600. There was no longer enough land for the growing population.- Monarchs wanted to expand their control bring riches and commerce. - Europeans searched for a water route around Africa directly to India, since they were in need of spices and Silk at a reasonable price. - Portugal hoped that expanding into Africa would provide them with gold, sugar, slaves and pepper. - Spanish Conquistadors seeked fame, gold, land and adventure- The demand for slaves was high. They were captured in raids and exported to the New World. They were needed to work on sugar plantations, fields, mines. The need of slaves increased, while they died off due to the harsh conditions they worked in. - Advances in technology made it easier to expand. The gun and musket were perfected in the 15-1600's. Sailing ships were invented to replace human powered ships. The astrolabe, a device to measure latitude help navigate the explorers ships.
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