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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is Analytics and Metrics? Analytics and Metrics consist of the gathering and organisationof data and then detailing the qualities of that data(Davenport & Harris, 2007) References:- Davenport, T., & Harris, J. (2007). Competing on analytics. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press.- Raka Creative (2012) Best Times to Tweet and Post to Facebook Infographic [Online]. Available from: <> [Accessed 10 December 2014].- SimilarWeb (2014) [Online]. Available from: <> [Accessed 14th December 2014].- Social Bakers (2014) Official Leicester Tigers Facebook Statistics [Online]. Available from: <> [Accessed 14th December 2014].- Tweet Reach (2014) Tweet Reach Snapshot for Leicester Tigers [Online]. Available from: <> [Accessed 10th December 2014].- Weigio, F, & Gordan, M (2014) The Power of Social Media Analytics, Communications Of The ACM, 57, 6, pp. 74-81. It's no coincidence that sports organisations who have enjoyed success on and off the field, have happened to be at the forefront of data exploitation. Teams can use both of these methods to measure performance. Social Media- Social Interaction: Analytics allows us to measure how much interaction we are receiving by social media.- Social Media Page Views: See how much traffic your individual social media pages are attracting. This involves a three stage process: capture, understand, and present. Social Media Analytics Weigio & Geordan (2014) Web Analytics This measures the traffic, page views, clicks and more for both your website and other online platforms. Leicester Tigers could incorporate this tool to measure how their fans are staying connected with the club.Use Facebook insights to see their most successful posts, and the time that social media sites are most busy. Benefits Challenges Benefits and Challenges of using Analytics and Metrics - Comprehensively and clearly displays interest and interactional statistics.- Identifies current trends in order meet customers needs.- Can identify visitor segmentation into geographical existing/new customers. Analytics - Generates new insights, optimizations and predictions. Data stream stems from both internal and external sources, creating an outside-in perspective on a business. Metrics - Data formed from in-housesources, often referred to as an inside-in perspective on a business. Yields only basic functional, operational or systemic insights. - Requires specialist skills to interoperate the presented data.- External organisation is needed to complete the data collection.- Data needs to be formulated to and applied to organisational aims and objectives. How to incorporate into Leicester Tigers By adopting Analytics and Metrics into the Leicester Tigers organisation, the club will benefit greatly in reference to the understanding of their followers, and how to construct content to best suit the followers needs. They could apply any of the techniques presented in this infographic to their marketing strategy to analyse their consumer communications. Once doing this the club will benefit from a greater knowledge of what content is most effective when engaging with their consumers. Consider time of Tweets to ensure that content is given at prime time. This will generate greatest activity possible. View geographical segmentation.Customise your Twitter content to suit the trends and ethical views of these locations. Social Media Analytic Resource - TweepsMap Early afternoon posting in the week is your best chance at achieving the most interaction.Avoid posting after 8pm. Check out the best time to Tweet! This provides statistical information on a specific organisation's Tweets. Tweet Reach - Social Media Analytic Tool Shows Leicester Tigers' activity around posts and the immediate response. Provides information around the impressions that certain posts have made on Twitter. Adopting Analytics and Metrics into the Leicester Tigers organisation. Are Leicester Tigers performing their best off the field? Are Leicester Tigers performing their best off the field? Use digital analytics to ensure success 14.41% of total desktop traffic in the last 3 months came from referrals Use to promote more inbound links from sites not increasing traffic to Leicester Tigers site. This shows top ranking sites of which referred browsing customers to Leicester Tigers SimilarWeb - An analysing tool providing information on any specific website (SimilarWeb, 2014) SimilarWeb also allows for the sources of traffic to your site to be identified. This can be utilised by applying more promotion of Leicester Tigers to the lower popularity sources. Majority of Twitter followers based in UK. Tweet Reach (2014) Social Bakers - Social Media Analytical Tool (Social Bakers, 2014) Used to provide statistical data on various company's social media profiles. This shows the Leicester Tigers Facebook fan distribution on global scale. Raka Creative (2012) Implement more brand promotion to the countries with less fans to increase their overall fan base and profitability.
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