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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Analysis and discussing Poetry By: Alberto Roiz Brave peoplestandingout 1.I think that the poem is about a man that saves the world2. I think bravery because of the man that rides the horse3. In a video game that I like there is something like this4. That we have to be goodand be brave when its needed5. It made me feel like I was fighting in war6. It was boring therewas no action 1. I think that the poem was interesting nothing boring of misunderstood 2. Death since its based on that3. Many people out there being brave and understandinglife situations4. I think that the author is saying a message that involves bravery.5. I felt none. There is more repetition 6. The poem was interesting and engaging. It was well writen. 1. The poem was unique and unsuspected 2. Bravery or energetic3. People that want change and act out4. Be unique and stand out5. It has because in some sentences it madeus use our senses6. It was interesting and had potential Bravery Both mentionbravery. Brave Fast rode the knightWith spurs, hot and reeking,Ever waving an eager sword,"To save my lady!"Fast rode the knIght,And leaped from saddle to war.Men of steel flickered and gleamedLike riot of silver lights,And the gold of the knight's good bannerStill waved on a castle wall.. . . . .A horse,Blowing, staggering, bloody thing,Forgotten at foot of castle wall.A horseDead at foot of castle wall. Question 1: Overall what do you think of the poem?Question 2: If you where to choose a mood or a feeling of the poem what will it be?Question 3: How do you relate this poem to present events?Question 4: What do you think is the message of the author?Question 5: Can you feel a connection between the poem? Does it has imagery? Question 6: Was the poem interesting or dull? Why? Half an age Twice my age Choice of my own Fast rode the knightBy: Stephen Crane
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