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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Anna Caballeros A01022136Carolina Gutiérrez A01022323Andrea Romo A01022332Aileen Vargas A01021663Valeria Gómez WHAT IS IT? WHAT DOES IT DO? Anaesthesia Anesthesia is the administrator of medication given as an injection or inhalation, to eliminate, or block, the any feeling or sensation of pain. This meaning, it can allow medical surgery procedures without causing andy pain. WHAT IS IT USED FOR? - When medical procedures are unbearable.- To prevent the pain during long procedures.- To immobilise an animal for certain procedure, such as, imaging.- Venous cannulation and arterial line insertion.- To give total numbness during surgical procedures and carry them out safely.- To keep you calm during minor, painful, or unpleasant procedures.-Used during labour and childbirth. - Fall asleep immediately.- Makes you feel no pain. - Numbs the affected parts or the whole body. - Local anaesthesia- Regional anaesthesia- Sedation - General anaesthesia TYPES Local anaesthesia:It is injected near the injured area. It is usually used for minor injuries, this is whyit´s local.Regional anaesthesia: It involves injecting local anaesthesia around major areas and nerves. It is commonly in the thigh, ankle, forearm, hand, shoulder or abdomen. It usually lasts as long and as big as theregion whereit was injected. Sedation: This type of anaesthesia is used for the whole bodyin bigger cases. The patiens looses completeconsciousness and willnot feel any pain.General anaesthesia: This is like sedation but the patient may be aware or not completely unconscious. The patientwill not feel any pain. RISKS When the amount of type of time of the use ofanaesthesia has beenover-dued, the patientwill die. Bupa, (2015), General Anaesthesia, Mexico, Retrieved on 11/03/2015 in: Gibbs Building, (2015), Anaesthesia, Mexico, Retrieved on 11/03/2015 in: Pike, R., (2015), Local Anaesthesia, Mexico, Retrieved on 11/03/2015 in: NHS choices, (2015), Anaesthesia, Mexico, Retrieved on 11/03/2015 in: Library Museum. (2011). HISTORY OF ANESTHESIA. Retrieved on March 11th, 2015. Available at the web site:, Robinson. (2012). Historical development of modern anesthesia. Retrieved on March 11th, 2015. Available at the web site: (2015). In Medline Plus. Retrieved from:
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