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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OCEANIA THE AMERICAS BOTH -Included highlymilitaristic stateswhich were known for theirwarrior classes Katrina Tilley & Azza Mohamed Development of the Americasand Oceania POLITICAL DEVELOPMENT Societies Americas the majority of the population dwelled on the side of the mountian, Danibaan "sacred mountain The Zapotecs -thoecracywith elite class of nobles and priests ruling over population. 20,000 Oceania -Social Hierarchy-Specialization ofLabor -Introductionof the sweet potato increased population in New Zealand, expanding workforce -Centralized governmentswere limited- rulingchiefs maintainedcity states THE AMERICAS BOTH OCEANIA -Did not have extensivetrade network becauseof limited contact withthe rest of the world -Agriculture was primarily located everywherethroughout the Americas -Agriculture developed at the same time as rest of the world,except for Australia -No advanced technology until introduced by Europeans specialzation of work-men hunted-women gathered In Papa New Guinea-No elite class-No priests in control-Local chiefs ruled over population people worked to sustain population and in turn didn't have timeadapt to new crafts or skills LIMITATIONS: -Both societies also faced the limitation of centralized governments -New World & Oceania societies faced isolation,forcing each society toonly interact with their respective natives The limitation of being isolated societies resultedin the conduction of tradeonly within Oceania orthe New World's own societies, limiting culturaldiffusion.The limitation of not havinga centralized governmentresulted in lack of communication Australia in Oceaniadid not develop agriculture, yetsocieties in the Americas heavilyrelied on it Since agriculture didnot develop in Australiapeople relied more onhunting and gathering, whereas people in theAmericas heavily relied on farming What is the comparison of the political and economic development between the Americas and Oceania? Toltecs vs. Austrialia Toltec cultivated beans and corn The civilization of Australia did not participate in agriculture Societies such as Australia and the Toltecs to engage in inter-regionaltrade
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