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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Similarities and Differences of The Americas and Oceania By: Ronald Edejer and Alen Dzaferagic Similarities and Differences in Political Development Before the mighty empires of The Americaswere formed, they were ruled by independenttribes who in turn were ruled by tribal chiefs.These tribal chiefs had absolute power overtheir tribe Oceania The Americas Oceania were also politically influenced bytribal chiefs who held sway over their tribes.These tribes were small and scattered overtheir pacific islands. The Americas eventually evolvedfrom chiefdoms into empires dueto their large populations. Withthis political development The Americas were able to unite itself.Instead of local chiefs TheAmericas now have emperors. Oceania remained a chiefdom until foreign intervention because of its geographical qualities, and its scarcepopulation. Similar Example Both the Inca and New Zealand had tribal chiefs. Difference Example Inca chiefs evolved into emperors while New Zealand Chiefs stayed the same. Oceania The Americas Similarities and Differences in Economic Development The New World's economic development was greatly increased after the arrival of Europeans, due to them bring and trading new goods for goods that were abundant. Oceania 's economic development also massively increased post-European arrival, because of the trading done between the Oceania and Europe Due to its distant location and lack of opportunity, Europeans did not spend as much time into Oceania as economically possible unlike what they did in The Americas. Due to the opportunity it presented and close location Europeans put a lot of gold into settling and taking resources from the Americas Similar Example Difference Example The Maori and the Powhatan both traded raw materials for better technology, like gunpowder and steel tools. In comparison the Powhatan did not benefit as the Maori due to the English not annexing the Powhatan like they did the Maori. Limitations Similar Limatations Different Limatations Lack of labor animals. Geographic Isolation Due to lack of labor animals, The Americas and Oceania were unable to progress as quickly, compared to the west. Geographically compared to the west, The Americas and Oceania were disconnected from trading centers, for the longest time. The America's Limitation Oceania's Limitation Oceania, instead of being a continent like the Americas, it's an archipelago which is a chain of separated islands. Meaning not only were they separated from the West, but from each other also. The Americas limitation was the climatein some locations. Unlike being in thetropical environment that Oceania isin, The Americas had to adapt fromtheir harsh environment. Thussetting them back from the West.
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