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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 American Revolution Battle of Trenton Trenton NJ The continental army won because of George Washington crazy idea of crossing the Delaware river The outcome of the battle was that George Washington planned to attack the British on Christmas night by crossing the frozen Delaware river and after they won that gave the confidence to fight for independence .He planned this attack after many losses. Johann Rall and Troops wasn't ready for the attack they was drinking, eating, drunk , and having fun. But desperately the tried but the colonist were prepared and won. Which helped the colonist to go on and march to Princeton Continental army - George Washington Great Britain Hessians- Johann Rall The battle started in December 25 1776 and ended the 26th on christmas night The number of continental army men that died was 2, wounded 5, and captured 0 The number of Hessians men that was killed is 22, wounded 86 and 906 captured The battle was bloody and brutal. Many people lost they lives and many had frozen to death by the server cold winter The heroe of the battle was George WashingtonHe was well experience ,by age 37 George lost some of his battles, and made militia swear they wont become drunk Leaders and how they look Where was the was located What was the year and date the battle started How many was killed, wounded and captured Who won the battle How the battle looked IMAGES Heroes of the battle Outcome of battle
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