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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Panama Canal In 1903 a treaty is signed between Panama and the United States to build the canal and to give Panama independenceThis would connect the Atlantic and the Pacific, opening up trade. The Spooner Act gave $40 million to purchase thePanama Canal. $387 million was spent on the Canalby the time it was finishedin 1914. Before construction began, there were other thingsthat needed to be dealt with. The U.S. didn't want their workers to die from yellow fever so a doctorwas sent to examine the area. Workers were hiredto pave roads, build railroads, and put in clean working water. During the process of building the Canal, there were many engineers hired by Roosevelt. By 1907 39,000people were working on the construction of the Panama Canal. The Panama Canal was built to open up easier and faster communication and transportation between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. It was an opportunity to prove Americas power. The Canal opened in 1914 and strengthened U.S. military and economic claims. The Spanish-Cuban-American War In 1868- 1878 Latin American countries declared war on Spain,wanting theirfreedom. Cuba was not happy with the end result and took up arms in 1878, by 1880 Spain was back in control of Cuba.The United States didn't like that this threatened the lives of Americans livingin Cuba so they sent the USS Main to intimidate Spain and Cuba. During the night of February the 15th, the USS Maine was blown apart, out of 350 men, only 84survived. American newspaper automaticallyaccused Spain. On March 28, 1898 the U.S.Navy declared it was Spain. War was declared by the United States on April 25th. Spain surrenders on July 17 andCuba earns their independance. TheTreaty of Paris is signed on December 10th; this treaty gavethe united States authority over the Philippines, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. During the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, the United States imperialize Latin America and the Pacific. In Latin America, the Panama Canal is built and America goes to War with Spain in the Pacific. The Panama Canal shows the world the United States Power and improves the U.S. economically. The Spanish-Cuban- American War shows Americas military power and after the war the United States is in control of new areas, showing their expansion.
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