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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ohio Constitution Executive BranchAKA in Ohio the Ohio Statehouse Judicial Branch Leader: Governor Kasich Leader: Supreme Court -There are the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General,Secretary of State, State Auditor,and State Treasurer Duties:-Makes laws in the congress-Approves Governors Appointments -There are 7 justices Judith L. French, Judith Ann Lanzinger, Sharon L. Kennedy, William M. O'Neill. Paul E. Pfeifer,Maureen O'Connor, Terrence O'Donnell Duties:-Decides if laws are Constitutional-Can overturn rulings by otherjudges Duties:-Enforces laws after signing them-Propose the state budget Today people protest so that gay people have the rights that non-gay people have.Including marriage rights. Leader: Congress Legislative BranchAKA in Ohio the General Assembly -There are 33 Senaters-There are 99 House of representatives -Popular Sovereignty,People have the power and right to speak out and say what they want to the government to get their attention about a common problem in this country or in the state. -Checks and Balances,OurOhio Constitutions needschecks and balances so that each house canbalance each house andkeep the power between each house balanced. -Limited Government,The Ohio constitution has Limited Government so that they cannot cross the line and overrun the country. Cites:Wikipedia ImagesField tripLittle from: Deputy Doug Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor Keith Faber president of the senate Cliff Rosenberger Speaker of the house Ohios government balances my personal freedoms with order in our community in many ways so that I can maintain a relationship with my community. We have separate ways to do so, which are separated branches of government, we also have checks and balances. There are three branches of government in the constitution, and there are checks and balances so that they can check each branch and make sure that each branch stays withintheir powers limits and dont override the other branches. And the balances are so they can make sure that the power between each branch maintainsstability throughout all three branches. There are checks and balances so how no branch a overrun another branch and stay together as one government, but separate as three branches. This is good for the constitution and government so that power is maintained equal between the three branches. Ohio also has a bill of rights which protects my freedoms and rights as a citizen of Ohio. The bill of rights is a bill which states and protects your rights. The bill of rights also says what you can and cannot do because there are laws in this country. It keeps and equilibrium between order and chaos in this state and country. Everyone has rights that also come with things you can and cannot do even the constitution does, which maintains an equilibrium for Ohio and America between order and chaos. And balances my personal freedoms with order in our community. How does Ohio's Government balance my personal freedoms with order in our community?
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