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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources American Cabaret History of American Cabaret American Cabaret began in 1911. It originated from its European ancestor French Cabaret and originated from jazz. It was not an exact copy of European Cabaret whichmeant that there were new boundaries that could be stretched. At the beginning of Prohibition it was wiped away because Cabaret is a music form that was usually performed in bars. When they eliminated alcohol, Cabaret went with it. It was soon brought back due to the increase of need for alcohol illegally in speak easies. It started to die down in the 1960s due to the increase in popularity ofRock. AmericanCabaret also included women not only as performers but also as key parts of the audience. These unknown performers were often stars in the making, and the music was jazz and broadway-style with some raunchier material reserved for late-night performances. New York vs. Chicago Chicago Cabaret focused more on larger ensembles and reached its peak during Prohibition in speak-easies and steak houses. New York cabaret never developed to feature a great deal of social commentary. New York cabarets featured jazz, they tended to focus on famous vocalists like Nina Simone, Bette Midler, Eartha Kitt, Peggy Lee, and Hildegarde rather than instrumental musicians. Modernist Movement American Cabaret was a reaction to the past stringent codes of society. It is considered a modernistmovement because it strayed away from classic ideals like religion and the strict rules of society.
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