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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Who Did This Benefit? The Fabulous Fifteenth Amendment! How Did This Change America? Is It Still Relevant Today? Different Ways It Is Relevant Today Why Was This Amendment Passed? The Fifteenth Amendment declares the right of citizens of the United States to voteand they will not be denied because of their race, color, or previous condition of servitude. This amendment was passed because once the Civil War was over and the slaves were free and declared citizens they still did not have all the components of being a citizen. Even though this only declared the right to vote for men it was only because at the time they did not have the same rights as men. The rights given by the 15th Amendment declare the right to votefor African American men. This is only because at the same time woman were declared unequal or lowercompared to man. The Fifteenth Amendment changed America becausegiving African American men the right to vote declaredthat America is now appreciating the different peopleof the world and they are trying to make an impact on other for them to follow their lead. This amendment is still relevant today.This law continues to go throughout our everyday with some little adjustments for the better. There are many ways this amendment is still relevant today. One way it is relevant is on November 2 every year. This is the day where everyone, over the age of 18, goes to vote for newlaws, presidents, and other government positions.On this day African American men and women goto vote. Another way this amendment still is relevant todayis our current president, President Barack Obama. By: Hannah Stepak and Devika Soni Which Amendment Does The Fifteenth Relate To? The Fifteenth Amendment relates to the Nineteenth Amendment.This amendment is related to the Fifteenth amendment becausejust like the African American Men they were considered unequal to white men, woman were also considered unequal or below. Thus once African American Men were allowed to vote women were angry.These people were considered below them and are now considered abovethem. The women seized this moment to start protesting for the same rights.
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