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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 This is assuming the bill has already been written, where the bill goes from being an idea to a bill. First Reading Sent to Standing CommitteeFrom here there are threefates for the bill, dependingon its content. The bill gets too manynegative votes and istossed (Also known astabled) entirely. What is a standing committee?It's a committee in congressthat is always present, suchas law or agriculture, as thingspertaining to them are alwaysaround. The bill is modified, butin its changed formgets enough votes tocontinue to law-hood. The bill is kept in itsoriginal form and keepsmoving through theprocess. Bill is introduced bya member of congress.Most are sponsoredsimultaneously to bothchambers to speedpassage. Sent to rules committee Creates limits for debatein the house for each billto be voted on. Second Reading Third Reading Vote onBill Sent to other chamberto repeat the stepsstarting at the firstreading If a bill survives boththe house and senate,it moves on to beviewed by the president,who can veto, pass, orignore, by which passingif congress is in sessionand "pocket veto"ing ifthey have adjourned theirsecond session. Any amendments haveto be approved by 2/3of legislature. After avote on the amendments,the bill must be voted onagain as a whole. If a bill gets a secondreading, any legislatorcan suggest amendmentsto the bill, which only needa majority vote to pass. Conference Committee the differences between house and senate versionsof the bill are worked outhere. Both house andsenate must approve ofthe report to continue. Amelia Ruiz Sent to President
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