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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TIMELINE Amelia Earhart: First Lady of Flight July 24, 1897: Amelia was born to Amyand Edwin Earhart.1899: Muriel, Amelia's sister, was born.1917: Amelia started taking flyinglessons from a woman named NetaSnook and bought her first airplane: the "Canary" (Parr 30). 1927: Amelia was selected to becomethe captain of the flight "Friendship"for a translantic flight (Parr 41).1931: Amelia did airshows in herautogiro in which she had many crashes.1931: Amelia married George Putnam.1932: Amelia crossed the Atlantic Ocean alone in her new plane: "Lockheed Vega"1934: Amelia crossed the Pacific Ocean.1934: Amelia bought her plane "Electra."The plane that would take her on bothof her attempts to fly around the world at the equator.February-March 1937: Amelia's firstattempt to fly around the world at the equator but she crashed on one of herearly take offs and extensive repairshad to be made (Parr 79).June 1, 1937: Amelia took off on hersecond attempt to fly around the world at the equator.July 2, 1937: Amelia and Fred Noonan(her navigator) took off from Lae, New Guinea to Howland Island (one of the last legs of the trip). This area had never been mapped. The "Itsca" (the ship that was sent to keep track of Amelia) lost radio contact with Amelia. No trace of Amelia, Fred, or the plane were ever found (Parr 84-88). Amelia originally wanted to be nurse and help out with the war. While taking courses she realized that this was not for her (Parr 27). Amelia was a classictomboy and anexcellent student but she had no friendsbecause of her opinions and how she expressed them. Her family moved 5 times becauseEdwin, Amelia's father, had a drinking problem and kept losing his job. Amelia and Murielhad to stay with theirgrandparents most oftheir childhoodbecause of theirparents going on somany business trips(Parr 13). Recently, a sole of a woman's shoe was found that could have been Amelia's. Also, a piece of a plane wing made of the same material as the "Electra" was found (Parr 98).
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