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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HINDUISM AND BUDDHISM Hinduism is a type of religion that some people inIndia believe in. Some things they believe in is karma, puja and the most important because he is a god Ganesha the best of all people really did respect it and some still do. Buddhism is another type of religion that other people believe in also. somethings they believe in is the four noble truthsdharma and there main belief is a god called Budda. Hinduism people think nature is one most important thing.They also think karma is important to because your karmadepends on what you are in your second life. If your badthen you will be something bad in your second life. Like a rat, pig or a untouchable and they were not considered people. The four noble truths the four noble truths are 1: Suffering is a part of life 2: Suffering comes from desire 3:There is a end to suffering 4: The noble eight fold path. Those are 1: right understanding2: the right thought 3: the right speech 4:the right action 5: the right livelihood6:the right effort 7: the right mindfulness 8: the right concentration Ganesh is the most very important personof all because he is a God. Most people did believeI him. An they still do just so you guys knowGanesh is really a elephant and not a real person. Lets talk more about the most important thinga God that every one believes in Siddhartha.every one bows down and prays to him. Siddhartha is know for not always in one pows he is always in a different pows like his hand is up or down maybe by his leg or up by his waste.
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