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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Trends & Forecasts Corporate Travel Today Travel Types Reasons to Travel Effects on Economy Travel Products Technology Advances Corporate Travel History *resources Travel Industry Breakdown A Lesson In Travel People travel too:experience new places,to relocate in a new city,and generate business. Corp. Travel began withtrade markets. Oncecountries developed outwardthe need to travel to manydifferent markets grew, creating corporate travel. Today corp. travel is one of the top 10 industriesand generates trillions in revenue each year. It continues to grow. Domestic vs. InternationalDomestic travel is within yourhome country whileinternational is outside of your home country. Travel generates over $130billion in tax revenue, over$200 billion in wages, and 2.7% in GDP. No matter the destinationthe biggest travel productsare airlines, hotels, and rental cars that travelersspend money on. Technology has provided travelers with things likeonline check in, mobile boarding passes, and manydiscount travel sites for booking trips. Travel has seen the trends of sustainable travel, risktravel management, and gamification become more prevelant in recent years.
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