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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cooperation and Conflicts Cooperation and Conflicts Cooperation The Arival Of Europeans Between Europeans and American Indians When the Europeans first arrived the American Indians helped the Europeansin many different ways.They also always toldthem that all the land there belonged to everybody,and that no one should claimland. American Indians were very nice , but the problemwas that the Europeans hadsomething else in mind. How They Cooperated American Indians and cooperated byfinding value in a crop that the American Indians grew which was Tobacco and also found value in beaver furs sense where the AmericanIndians lived. Even french, Dutch, and English worked very close to the American Indians. American Indians sent allies to help them stay at a goodplace because the American Indians said that the land that was there belonged to everyone that came to livethere, but the Europeans took the landand claimed it instead of sharing. Conflicts What Started The Conflicts What started the conflictswas over resources land and over tricks that Europeans used in the American Indians. The tricks that they used weretreaties which is kind of like a contract to get themof the land that belonged to everyone. They also madethem struggle over land and resources that made them survive. They also tried to claim land in important areas . What the conflicts started What the conflicts
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