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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 (Length: 2 mm) Isaac Newton- Born on December 16, 1642. Isaac Newton was a very religious christian . He had said the world was going to end on 2060.Isaac Newton pursueda different kind of science. He madeus the laws of space and physics. The scientists of today changed him into theirimage. Newton's 1st law An object that stays in motion with same speed, unless actedupon anunbalanced force. Newton's 2nd law The accelerationof an objectas produced by anet forceis directly proportionalto the magnitude of the net force anddiversity proportionalto the mass of theobject Alyssa HughesChapter 12Assessment F=ma. a=0s/2 Isaac Newton double click to change this header text! Newton's 3rd law For every action (force) there is an equal and opposite reaction (force). weight=gravityxmass Universal law of gravity . The universal law of gravitygives the size of force between two objects. All matter iseffected by gravity The force can be hard to detect mass and gravity Tides/moon pahases A spring tide is a tide after a full moon, when there is a greatest difference between high and low waterA neap tide is after the first and third quarter moons and there is least difference in the high and low water Projectile motion A horizontal projectile motion is when an object is thrown upward in a horizontal motion.A vertical projectile motion is when gravity is the downward force. free fall acceleration projectile motion is when the object moves freely in the earth's surface Momentum Momentum- quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity Impulse- change of momentum of a body or physical system over a time interval in classical mechanics, equal to the force applied times the length of the time interval over which it is applied.Elastic Collision- an encounter between two bodies. A hit andbounce back Conversion of momentum-stating that total linear momentum of a closed system remains constant through time regardless of other possible changes within the system .Inelastic Collision- A hit and stick p=mv
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