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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Marfan Syndrome What is the human genome? The human genome is a set of genetic information forhumans. What is a genetic disorder? Basically this a disease that is cause by abnormalityin a persons dna. Characteristics of this disorder: Flat feet, heart murmurs,tall and slender build, and extreme nearsightedness.But there are still many more. How is it genetically passed down? This is probablypassed downfrom a parent to a child. How is it dignosed? Marfan Syndromecan depend on thetype of person to be diagnosed with it. Each person can have different symptoms. What is the treatment? There is no cure for this but they can give treatment to help delay some complications when founded early enough. What is the prognosisfor this problem? This is a hereditarycondition that willaffect convectivetissues. How many people have this abnormality? About 1 in 5,000people haveMarfan Syndrome. How should a Christian respondto being born with this issue? A lot of peoplewould say your sinmust have been badto end up with adisease like this."As a christian weshould respond witha good attitudethere's nothingdifferent abouthaving these kindsof disease. Godmade a person withthis type of stuff fora reason. Exodus 4:11 saysThe Lord said tohim, Who gavehuman beings theirmouths? Who makesthem deaf or mute?Who gives themsight or makes themblind? Is it not I, theLord?” How should we as Christians treatpeople with this challenge? Some people arescared to even talkto these kind ofpeople because theirnot their kind ofnormal. Honestly they're nodifferent from usand its really sad tosee people treatthem this way.Christians especially need totreat them caringlyand kindly.Galatians 6:10 says Therefore, as wehave opportunity, letus do good to allpeople, especially tothose who belong tothe family ofbelievers.
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