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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Brainstorm, Brainstorm, Brainstorm.. What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? 3-in-1 package deal: Entrepreneur, Manager, Technician Your Business is NOT your life The Backbone of an Extraordinary Business: Innovation, Quantification, and Orchestration Mastering the Ability to Reframe Problems A business can not exclusively strive and expand off of innovative ideas and perspectives, it also needs quantification and orchestration to measure and implement those ideas. Innovation is the act of creating and introducing new ideas, things, or methods. Quantification is the measurement of the impact of the innovation. Orchestration is providing continuous and predictable results through the elimination of discretion. When innovation, quantification, and orchestration become part of the business development process it allows the business to expand and cater to the continuos needs of the customers consistently. Contrary to common beliefs, a problem does not have one static solution. In order to expand the imagination and find an array of solutions to a problem, one must "master the ability to reframe problems." When looking at a problem or challenge from multiple perspectives, a businessowner can discover innovative and creative waysto satisfy customers, and in some cases change the world. If it was not for "reframing" problems and challenges, we would not have the technological innovations of today (i.e. laptop, touchscreen phone.) Brainstorming is a vital way of experimenting and generating new and innovative ways of tackling problems and issues. Many people, when starting up businesses, disregard what they believe is the "trivial" brainstorming process. However, many business ownersare not aware of the unusual, unique, and impactful productsthat result from the process of brainstorming. Unlike popularbeliefs brainstorming is a complex process that includes designing a brainstorming space, choosing the right people,setting rules, using warm up exercising, etc. A business owner's job is not to serve his business, but rather for the business to serve him/her. A business is an entity, apart from its owner, that serves the primary goal of finding and keeping customers. When a business owner becomes aware of that fact, they can go forward with their business. It is then that the business can survive and "franchise" without needing continious maintenance from the owner. When the business is seen as a product, the owner can create a business that operates consistently and responsively to customer's needs. Every individual going into business is an entrepreneur, manager, and technician. Contrary to popular belief, not every individual that owns a business is solely an entrepreneur. The E-myth, the Myth of the Entrepreneur, is the mistaken belief that most businesses are started by entrepreneurs, when they are actually started by technicians. Therefore, a business owner must understand and apply the E-myth in order to succeed in running his/her business,rather than just keeping it afloat. Nouf Almeshari
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