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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Website Shopping List All Recipes Spinner Ingredient for wives & aspiring cooks. like me. I love food. I am not creative enough to be a chef, but I am a good cook (at least according to my husband). This app helps me find the right recipe for the time and ingredients that I have available so I can serve sumptuous meals for my family. This uses the Internet, but once I save the recipe to my favorites, recipes are saved to my local. I can easily search forrecipes based on filtersthat I set: vegetarian,low fat, no dairy - whichhelps especially whenwe have medical restrict-ions. There are videos that canbe accessed in this app,of course they are about the Bible and our LordJesus Christ. iPhone! I can see the qualityof my sleep, how longit took me to fall asleep,the number of times Iwoke up at night. Filter Recipe This helps me with theroutine, and saves me time thinking aboutwhat to cook. Just spinand it will show recipesfor the category chosen. I can manually add an ingredient to search withfor future recipes. If I amparticularly fond of fish sauce, I can enter it andsearch other recipes using that ingredient. At the beginning of theweek, I try to create ourmeal plans to take theguessing away. We havea plan to follow, which we could always deviatefrom in case we want to. MealPlanner The recipes are ratedby stars with 5 *****being the best. This allows me to filterthe recipes that I willcook for my family tothat which was rated best. Other members addtheir comments on the recipe and theyinclude the changesand experiments they made on theprocess or ingredients. I can add my own recipein the list. I have mademy shrimp with greenpeas recipe, macaroons,and other Filipino recipesI've tried to share withother app users. Rating Comment Idea iPad The app comes up with alist of grocery items thatI have to buy for the recipe.It helps me so I don't forgetto pick up stuff from thestore.
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